Doris Sellmeyer Chosen as Parade Marshal

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From Clay County Courier

by Fred Martin
To honor her extraordinary work in the area, Doris Sellmeyer has been chosen to lead the Corning Independence Day Parade which begins at 9:00 a.m. in downtown Corning and directs thousands to Wynn Park for a day of celebrating.

Just last week Doris Sell­meyer was named “Grand Marshal” of the first event that kicks off the Forth of July Homecoming in Corning, according to Parade Chair D.J. Herzog.

Ms. Sellmeyer has been a member of the chamber ”forever” as long as most folks realize. When Corning Chamber of Commerce saw the need to expand to serve more than just local merchants and become known as Corning Area Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Sellmey­er was among the first to step forward with assistance and suggestions on how to encompass the area’s businesses under one umbrella.

It was in 1989 Ms. Sell­meyer volunteered to be chairman of the July 4th celebration, meaning her job was to organize the entire day, seeking persons to operate each stand, oversee the purchasing of supplies as well as directing activities until the Cadillac was given away at midnight (to Lisa Oliver).

At the end of the day, more than $95,500 was taken in, making it one of the largest totals in Fourth of July receipt history.

More recently, as the Fourth of July rolls around, Mrs. Sellmeyer and many fellow Knobelites play a major role in manning the first shift in the hamburger stand, one of the most difficult stands to operate on Independence Day because it requires so many volunteers and constant cooking and serving those attending the holiday celebration, not to mention the heat from the frying pans.

‘The thing about working the first shift in that stand, we seldom get to see the parade, but only see pieces of it when it reaches the end of Ham Street,” she regrets. ‘We know we have to have hamburgers ready for the first rush of hungry people who arrive immediately after the parade ends.”

Serving as mayor of Kno­bel since 1970, she continues to provide the leadership that the small town of 320 needs. “As a few towns have lost population because of factories closing, Knobel had pretty well held it’s own because most of our folks have jobs associated ,with agriculture or can work in other cities,” Ms. Sellmeyer notes.

For many years she has served on county-wide agriculture committees as well as dedicating herself a few years ago to keeping St. Ber­nards’ Catholic Church in operation, until it’s closing, and now attends St. Joseph’s in Corning.

She has always assisted others, individually and through various committees, as well as helping her husband Joe look after giant farming operations until his death in September, 2007. Now she continues a role in farming with her two sons.

Referring ot the Fourth of July parade, Mrs. Sellmeyer says, “I know there are people more deserving than I to be parade marshal because of all the things they have done for the chamber, but I do find this to be an honor and I am flattered to have been asked.”