What is the Chamber of Commerce

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The Corning Area Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization composed of business and professional men and women and other citizens. We believe that through united action. The progress of the community can be continuously improved.

The Chamber of Commerce movement in the United States predates the Constitution. The value of such organizations has long been universally recognized. Every significant city or community within the United States now has an active Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce of the United States is chartered by the Congress and is recognized as the spokesman for business at the national level.

How Does it Operate

The members of the Corning Area Chamber of Commerce, assisted and coordinated by the officers, continually analyze the important elements relating to community progress. Some projects are ongoing, others are established for the purpose of meeting specific short term goals. Programs are constantly revised to keep abreast of changing requirements.

Although the generally accepted primary purpose of the Corning Area Chamber of Commerce is to enhance the economy of the community. It must also be active in all aspects of community life – the living conditions, educational, recreational, spiritual activities, and cultural development – since all of these have a vital effect upon economic progress.

The activities of the Corning Area Chamber of Commerce are manages and directed by the elected officers with the assistance of the permanent staff. Committees composed of interested and qualified members are appointed and maintained to carry on the many and diversified functions of the Corning Area Chamber of Commerce’s community development program. These committees are responsible to the President and Directors for the accomplishment of stated objectives.

Who Benefits

Everyone benefits as a result of the active Chamber of Commerce program – the housewife, the merchant, the contractor, the farmer, the skilled worker, the professional man/woman, all business firms, visitors, and the retired residents.

Members of the Corning Area Chamber of Commerce benefit through their own efforts by the successful solution of the many problems undertaken. It is well recognized that by coordinated group action, more benefits will result in which all share.

By bolstering the economy, the potential of all business and professional activities is increased. more jobs are created and the tax base is broadened through property development. Better municipal services can thus be provided at a lower tax rate than otherwise be possible. All property values in a progressive community improve, thus building up the worth of individual estates. New stores, shops, and other services make available to the homemaker more conveniently located and diversified shopping facilities with competitive prices and selection.

A prosperous city can have better stores, libraries, schools, new streets, parks, and more recreational and cultural facilities.